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What to expect at Lookout Inn Lodge – Costa Rica

Where in Costa Rica is Lookout Inn Lodge?

Our rainforest hotel is in Carate, Puntarenas, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica – about 220 miles southwest of San Jose.  Carate, a primary entry point to the world renowned Corcovado National Park, is at the end of the road approximately one and a half hour ride by car or 7 minutes by air charter from the town of Puerto Jimenez on the Osa Peninsula. See Lookout Inn on Google Maps by clicking here.

When you arrive in Carate, you are in one of the most remote regions in Costa Rica. The natural beauty of this area is beyond words, with lush ridges and forest trees full of monkeys and scarlet macaws. In fact, this area of the Osa Peninsula has the highest concentration of breeding scarlet macaws in the world!

The "Peninsula de Osa" is considered one of the most bio-diverse places on hearth and home to the famous Corcovado National Park, which contains approximately 3/5's of the peninsula's land mass. This is the largest remaining protected tract of Pacific Coast rainforest left in the Western Hemisphere!

Sights and sounds of the rainforest

When you choose the remote Lookout Inn Lodge for your Costa Rica rainforest vacation, you will be in for a treat. Upon waking in the morning, you are instantly greeted with a grand symphony of the rainforest jungle, as well as sounds of ocean waves hitting the beach. As guests of the Costa Rican tropical rainforest, you will be in awe of the abundant variety of wildlife, birds and plant life all around you. See just a few examples in our wildlife photo gallery if you haven't all ready. Here is a small taste of what to expect during your rainforest vacation at the Lookout Inn Lodge in Costa Rica:

You like colorful birds?

Are you a shutterbug?

Interested in endangered animals?

Why Go?

Go to Lookout Inn Lodge to find a thrill… or just chill in a spot where monkeys are invited to breakfast.

Choose Lookout Inn Lodge for your Costa Rica rainforest vacation. No matter how you get here, the sights of the tropical jungle will entertain you, soothe you, the almond trees full of scarlet macaws will mesmerize you, the unridden ocean waves peeling offshore will call you, and the deserted sandy beaches with tall palms full of coconuts will be waiting patiently for you. Reserve your spot today.


Find below the current weather data and as well our yearly averages for temperature and rainfall. For a more detailed look at rainfall data and weather information for the Lookout Inn click here.

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Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Avg. Max Temp (F) 91 92 92 91 90 89 89 89 90 89 89 90
Avg. Min Temp (F) 72 71 73 73 73 72 71 71 71 71 71 71
Avg. Rainfall (inches) 6.3 5.7 8 11 18.9 17.5 18.9 20.9 22 27.7 22.3 11.6


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